Angela Madesani “Una solitudine troppo rumorosa”

His Memento is a work on memory. Here culture is petrified and illegible; a dense layer of dust is the sign of time the covers what remains. A wall of solitude is what distinguishes the work by the Argenian artist, Inés Fontenla. The wall we build around ourselves for protection, in order to create a barrier, perhaps in order to find an alibi for our more or less inveterate habits. The artist had already work in the past whit a wall that was crumbling, the Berlin wall, in which in her work one only had the rubble accompanied by letters in perspex illuminated with the name of the city. The personal, existential dimension of her works find a moment of important meeting with geopolitical problems and questions of global importance. Microhistory encounters and dialogues with macrohistory in an interweaving in which reading the individual roles is complex and perhaps useless, everything considered.

Extract of the catalogue of the exhibition “Una solitudine troppo rumorosa” Nuovagalleriamorone curated by Angela Madesani.


2014 - Milano - Nuova Galleria Morone