The concern for the constant deterioration of the earth grows over time. Today we are better informed about the disasters caused by the negligence of man and its consequences. Inés Fontenla with her work highlights the environmental issues; a theme often debated by many people, but only a few truly seek to find a solution. It is difficult to determine whether the artist with her work would like to suggest a call to attention that will result in constructive activities to make the world a less vulnerable place. The truth of the matter is that her denunciation triggers a painful thought: the earth was once a pristine place.

The installation is beautiful and offers simple elements through different levels of meaning. The visitor will find the room covered with several inches of fresh earth. Its intense aroma reminds us of its energy, one can perceive its vitality. A broken glass planisphere rests on the floor. The map of the world had been etched in glass, in a coloured drawing spread over its entire surface. In an artistic action that Fontenla wanted to achieve in the same room, the action of glass breaking itself has been realised. .

Although while reading the installation this moment can be considered as an interesting action to share with the viewer, Fontenla chose to make it with an introspective gesture that was repeated many times in the gestation of many of her works. With the planisphere destroyed, a video is projected with the terrestrial map crumpled like a sheet to be thrown away.

Among the palpable fertility of the earth element and the tragic vision of the map destroyed an enjoyment is perceived, a dramatic beauty, which makes us reflect on this sensitive issue. The transparency and the brightness of the glass are reminiscent of the past that man has ruined with the indiscriminate use of nature: the whole scene puts the viewer in a space of tangible fragility.

This is not the first time that the “Porteña” artist, resident in Italy for 25 years, has developed projects conceptually linked with environmental disasters, focusing her interest on the huge manipulation of natural resources and its consequences. Another recurring theme in her work is the concept of limit, the idea of infinity.

This installation was previously realized in the deconsecrated church of San Fippino in Rome.

Patricia Rizzo
May 2012



2011 - Roma - Chiesa di San Filippino